Covid-19 Updates

General Information

Since we first heard about the new strain of Coronavirus in 2020, we have had to adapt to the new Coronavirus rules and regulations & now that a vaccine has begun to be rolled out across the UK, it looks as if there may now be light at the end of this tunnel.

Along with numerous other businesses in the hospitality and leisure sector, during this pandemic it has been a struggle financially for our small family run business but we are fortunate to still be in a position to continue to offer safe group travel at great rates and to the high standards that we pride ourselves on, all in environmentally friendly vehicles.

We feel that now is a good time to create a place where we can update all of our past, current and future clients with what we have done and are continuing to do to tackle the virus and make our coaches safe.

We will also be updating this page regularly with any new measures that are brought in to make Group Travel viable once again. More information on how 
to keep yourself and others safe during this pandemic can be found at* (open's in a new tab)

How we’re adapting

For us, this journey started in mid January 2020, when tour companies began to cancel tours due to fears that there could be an outbreak on Coronavirus in the UK. It was at this point that we began to implement strict cleaning protocols for wiping down of all frequently touched areas and with the introduction of hand sanitizers at entry points onto all of our coaches.

Since then we have had to adapt to the new regulations that have come in to force and below is a list of some of the safety measures we have implemented to keep our customers and drivers safe:

  • PPE supplied for all drivers including face coverings, hand sanitizer and single use gloves;
  • Daily temperature checks for all drivers;
  • Social distancing introduced on all vehicles in accordance with current regulations;
  • The front two seats behind the driver cordoned off to ensure distancing between passenger and driver;
  • Drivers required to leave vehicle for boarding and alighting of passengers;
  • Daily cleaning regime implemented including wiping down of all touch points with disinfectant before and after passengers had used the vehicle;
  • Fogging of vehicles with disinfectant at all available intervals and a minimum of twice daily;
  • Introduction of signage to inform all passengers that face coverings must be worn on the vehicle;
  • Introduction of signs on all seats to promote good hygiene, social distancing and regulations;
  • Driver training to ensure compliance with all new regulations;

We continue to update all processes as and when required to continue to comply with all current regulations.

Changing your date

We understand that during this pandemic, our customers may be reluctant to travel and that is why we are happy to continue to allow date changes where required, even at short notice. For any future bookings during the pandemic we will be continuing to allow these free changes. All we ask is that you contact us as soon as possible when changes need to be made.

If you require any more information please contact us on 01978 856048

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